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Where have I been?? :

Well, I have been running around working on something huge for FOF. I haven’t had much time to write to you guys lately. I’ve been busy so lets catch up together. A couple weeks ago I went to to RIF LA in lil Tokyo to sell a couple pairs of kicks. While I was there I had the opportunity to hang out at the Dunk Exchange which is one of the biggest buy/sell/trade sneaker expos around. Caught up with a few friends and then headed across the street from RIF to the Jason Markk grand opening. Jason Markk, is the premium sneaker cleaner that is the most trusted amongst sneakerheads that actually wear their kicks. Only Hypebeast keep theirs deadstock. Offering a flagship where you can pick up new supplies, merch and special collab with lil Tokyo neighbor RIF LA, sneaker drop off cleaning service, and a dope gallery section that will offer up a rotating showcase of anything from grails to sneaker art or a lesson in sneaker history or specific model. In all definitely worth stopping in.

Jason Markk Flagship:

329 E. 2nd Street,
Los Angeles


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